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Cook It Wild: Sensational Prep-Ahead Meals for Camping, Cabins, and the Great Outdoors (Chris Nuttall-Smith) *Signed*


Signed bookplate mounted inside!

Say goodbye to your ho-hum canned beans, freeze-dried meals, and hot dogs. Making impressive dishes like Herby Lemon Dijon Chicken Thighs, Blistered Fingerling Potato and Burrata Poutine, or even fire-baked Pecan Sticky Buns is totally possible—even if you're camping in the backwoods! Food writer and outdoorsman Chris Nuttall-Smith shows readers how by bringing the stress-free simplicity of meal-prepped cooking to the great outdoors.

Dividing each recipe by prep location, his ingenious approach gets most (if not all!) of the cooking done at home before a trip even begins. Then at camp, many recipes simply have you drop fully prepped ingredients into a pot or onto a grill, and just like that, you're dining on Cumin Lamb Kebabs with Fresh Chapatis, the simplest high-summer Cherry Tomato Pasta, or showstopping Sweet-Tangy Ribs. Learn about the best-traveling cheeses, how to chill drinks when you don’t have ice, how to pick (and use) a camp stove, and how to make great coffee in the wild! Even if your camping agenda brings you to the wilderness of your own backyard, you’ll want to make these recipes for friends and family.