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(**PRE-ORDER**) (Indian - Vegan) Anusha Moorthy Santosh. Vegan Treasures of India: 60 Home-Style Recipes that Capture the Country's Favorite Flavors. EXPECTED Aug. 29. 2023

With this inspired cookbook from Anusha Santosh, creator of the food blog Yummy Yatra, you’ll experience new worlds of flavor and texture across 60 mouth-watering, plant-based meals.

If you’re new to Indian cuisine, Anusha has you covered as she walks you through essential cooking techniques and the simple beauty of “ghar ka khana,” or traditional home-cooked food. And if you’re a seasoned devourer of Indian dishes, you’re sure to find new favorites among these recipes, as Anusha highlights the exquisite vegan meals that have been tragically missing from your average, everyday Indian restaurant.

Scrumptious options include Deep Fried Stuffed Chili Peppers (Mirchi Vada), Mom’s Spicy Tomato and Yogurt Stew (Moru Kozhambu), Flaky Layered Garlic Flatbread (Lehsooni Lachcha Paratha), Savory Lentil Crepes (Adai), Saffron Ice Cream (Kesar Kulfi), and so much more. You’ll even learn how to combine multiple recipes throughout the book into the delicious, traditional spread known as 
thali. With so many delectable options in store, you’ll be amazed these recipes have been missing from your repertoire for so long.

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