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(*NEW ARRIVAL*) (Jamaican - Vegan) Denai Moore. Plentiful: A Vegan Jamaican Guide to Nyammin’ Good.

Plentiful is a Jamaican cookbook with a vegan twist.  In this first-of-its-kind book, Denai pays homage to flavours and authentic dishes from her Jamaican roots whilst firmly planting them within a modern-day context. From her convenient Callaloo Pesto Pasta to her comforting Roasted Garlic Spring Onion Mash with 'Oxtail' Gravy, the recipes are approachable, engaging and downright delicious.    

Jamaican food is often misrepresented, simplified and reduced to being really spicy – and MEAT heavy. Denai is a Jamaican chef who loves to make vegan food and in Plentiful she debunks this taboo about Jamaican food – with this book, she shows how exciting, diverse, and vibrant vegan flavours and Jamaican food truly are.

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