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Bagels, Schmears, and a Nice Piece of Fish: A Whole Brunch of Recipes to Make at Home (Cathy Barrow, Linda Xiao) *Signed*


Signed bookplate mounted inside!

In this thorough-yet-accessible cookbook, Pie Squared author Cathy Barrow demystifies bagel-making with just 5 ingredients and a straightforward technique. Recipes include variations on the classic New York bagel, with different doughs and traditional and innovative flavors that range from standbys such as Sesame, Poppy, and Everything, to bagels your bubbe wouldn't recognize like Blueberry, Hatch Chile Jack, and Rainbow.

There is an entire chapter dedicated to homemade spreads and schmears; another on pickles and other delightful bagel spread noshes such as home-smoked Nova Lox, whitefish, and chicken salad; and yet another on creative bagel sandwiches. With menus for fun brunches and gatherings, playful sidebars, and approximately 75 photos, this is both a comprehensive baking resource and a playful guide to making one of America's best-loved foods.