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Arabiyya: Recipes from the Life of an Arab in Diaspora (Reem Assil) *Signed*


Arabiyya celebrates the alluring aromas and flavors of Arab food and the welcoming spirit with which they are shared. Written from her point of view as an Arab in diaspora, Reem Assil takes readers on a journey through her Palestinian and Syrian roots and how they have inspired her recipes for flatbreads, dips, snacks, platters to share, and more. With a section specializing in breads of the Arab bakery, plus recipes for favorites such as Salatet Fattoush, Falafel Mahshi, Maklouba, Hummus Awarma, Arabiyya showcases the origins and evolution of Arabic food and opens up a whole new world of flavor.

Alongside the tempting recipes, Assil shares stories of the power of Arab communities to turn hardship into brilliant, nourishing meals. Reem then translates this spirit into her own work in California, creating restaurants that define hospitality at all levels. Yes, there are tender lamb dishes, piles of fresh breads, and perfectly cooked rice, but there is also food for thought about what it takes to create a more equitable society, where workers and people often at the margins are at the center. Assil’s glorious dishes draw in readers and customers, but it is her infectious warmth that keeps them at the table.