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Edd Kimber Author Talk • Small Batch Cookies: Deliciously Easy Bakes for One to Six People

Thursday October 3rd at 6:30pm

A note about our in-store events:

We offer first come, first served seating in our shop. There will be overflow room outside if needed and the author will be mic'd. Everyone is welcome to attend.

You can pre-order a copy below for pick-up at the event or purchase copies on-site.


Edd Kimber is a baker and food writer based in London. He is the author of The Sunday Times bestseller One Tin Bakes (2020) which also won the BBC Good Food, Guardian, New York Times, and Washington Post Best Food Books 2020, as well as One Tin Bakes Easy and Small Batch Bakes. Over the last ten years he has appeared on multiple television shows including Good Morning America, The Alan Titchmarsh Show, Sunday Brunch, Saturday Kitchen and, of course, on the original series of The Great British Bake Off, of which he is the inaugural winner. He regularly shares his knowledge at cookery schools and at food festivals around the world and also writes for multiple publications, including as the baking columnist for Olive magazine.

Liz Prueitt is the cofounder of the San Francisco–based Tartine Bakery and Tartine Manufactory. She is also the author of the original Tartine cookbook, a James Beard Best Pastry Chef Award repeat nominee and winner, and the founder of the Conductive Education Center of San Francisco. Follow Liz on Instagram @lizprueitt_tartine or follow along with her Substack

Small Batch Cookies  There are times when nothing but a warm chocolate chip cookie will hit the spot. Bad day at work? Chocolate chip cookie. A great day at work? Chocolate chip cookie. The need for an emergency solitary cookie or two can strike at any time, but baking recipes typically serve large groups, which is perfect for a party, a celebration or a crowd, but not when there's just one (or two) of you and you would rather not spend the money on making a big batch or be faced with eating the same thing all week.

In Small Batch Cookies, Edd showed that good things really can come in small packages. For this new book he wants to focus on cookies, probably the easiest - and arguably most popular - kind of baking there is. Nothing has quite the allure of a cookie straight out of the oven! The classic cookie is chocolate chip, but there is no one single perfect version - the variations are endless and range from double and triple chocolate to dark chocolate and cherry, and white chocolate and lemon. Other less familiar but no less delicious types of cookie include vanilla, peanut butter, ginger, oat and raisin and coconut. The recipes also include vegan cookies and cookies for those with allergies and intolerances.