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(Menu - Hawaiiana) S.S. Mariposa. Night Blooming Cereus

12x8.75", 2 pp. Artwork by Frank Macintosh of two Hawaiian women holding leis, and a large night blooming cereus flower in background. Blank interior. [Honolulu: Matson Lines]: 1937-1938.
Frank Macintosh was commissioned by the Matson Line in the 1930's to make a series of menu covers promoting Hawaii as a destination. His work is reminiscent of Diego Rivera's and other Mexican muralists of the time, though his subject was Hawaiian women, flowers, fish, and other island specialties. His work is highly collectible as ocean liner memorabilia and as Hawaiiana. This particular menu features Hawaiian fare such as deep sea scallops, golden papaia [sic] cocktail, and pineapple sherbet. A touch of paper loss to white part of flower, colors a bit more muted than other menus of this image, else very good.

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