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(Bread) Brittany Wood. The Art of Sourdough Scoring: Your All-In-One Guide to Perfect Loaves with Gorgeous Designs

Get ready to bake bread that looks as phenomenal as it tastes. From graphic artist and baker Brittany Wood comes a gorgeous and comprehensive guide to all things sourdough scoring. With lush full-page photography, step-by-step tutorials and expert tips, Brittany covers every skill you’ll need to successfully create one-of-a-kind patterns on your loaves. Learn how the depth and timing of your cuts can affect the way your lines bake and burst, and never be disappointed by deflated dough again as Brittany’s calm, encouraging voice guides you through a huge variety of dazzling designs.

As an added bonus, Brittany includes her tried-and-true master method for high-hydration sourdough. She then takes it a delicious step further with 10 additional recipes for incredible flavors, like Sharp Cheddar–Rosemary Sourdough and Chocolate-Cinnamon Sourdough, as well as gorgeously shaped goods like Orange Brioche Festive Star Bread. With this inspiring resource, you’ll bake your creativity and artistry into every loaf you make and bring your sourdough scoring dreams to life with bread that never looked more beautiful.

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