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Bao: Asian-style Buns, Dim Sum and More from Your Bamboo Steamer (Loretta Liu)

Bamboo steamers are at the heart of simple Asian cooking, producing everything from fluffy pork bao buns to steamed Chinese chicken. This collection of recipes will help you use this simple and effective cooking tool from ancient China to produce vibrant and tasty treats. Whip up “pillows of joy” in delicious bao bun recipes and make fluffy, edible clouds of doughy yumminess that pack a sweet and savory punch in one hit, alongside a range of other dumplings and Asian street foods.

Steamed chicken, fish, vegetables, and sticky rice have never been easier to whip up. Unlock a whole new world of Asian cooking with these recipes, and discover the incredible flavours and textures that can be created in your bamboo steamer.

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